Meaning and Purpose

Take a moment… Breathe in… Breathe out.  Take notice of how the air flows into your lungs and your chest expands to allow for the increasing volume of air.  As you exhale, ponder just how briefly the air molecules were in your body, yet still somehow your body was able to extract enough oxygen to … More Meaning and Purpose

Design Intent Relationships… a single guy’s perspective

This material is something that I shared last year to a group of students in my church’s youth group.  I compiled this through a lot of prayer and studying, but keep in mind that it is coming from the perspective of one guy.  Understand that I am not saying this is the absolute truth for … More Design Intent Relationships… a single guy’s perspective

About All4Above

Life is a gift… a finite amount of time made available to us from the Creator Himself. I want to use this gift to maximize the glory of the Giver. I want to run the race with intention… focusing every talent and ability in the direction of His kingdom. I see every day as a … More About All4Above

God on a Shelf

Do you have a “friend” that you really only ever contact or interact with when you need something from them?  Maybe it’s someone that you were close with at some point, but time and circumstances have come between you.  Or perhaps you have a “friend” that you were never really that fond of and you … More God on a Shelf