About All4Above

Life is a gift… a finite amount of time made available to us from the Creator Himself.

I want to use this gift to maximize the glory of the Giver.

I want to run the race with intention… focusing every talent and ability in the direction of His kingdom.

I see every day as a new adventure in the journey of living for Him… full of grace and saturated in immeasurable love.

I revel in the UPs… and I feel the pain of the DOWNs… but His promise remains the same so my joy can stay constant.

I can’t help but wonder if I… TRULY lay down my life for His sake… TRULY turn from my selfish ways… HONESTLY seek His kingdom and His righteousness before my own desires… what would life look like?  What kind of impact could I have on this world?  What kind of peace and satisfaction would I experience?  Would the joy I experience be better than the happiness that the blessings of this life offer?

With those questions in front of me there is to much at stake.  I have to go for it!  The challenge has been presented… can I live all 4 above?  What does it look like and do I have what it takes??  Only a lifetime will tell!

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