Absence or Existence

I find it hard to understand why some people choose to seek out and believe evidence that points towards the ABSENCE of a Creator/God when it is impossible to completely discount the evidence that points towards the EXISTENCE of a Creator/God.  During their quest for knowledge and truth on this topic they will come across some very convincing arguments from people throughout history who have ventured down the same path of seeking.  If they seek intently enough to disprove the existence of a Higher Being then, more than likely, they themselves will be convinced that there is enough evidence to believe this.  The reality is that there will never be enough evidence to say, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is not a Higher Being who had an intimate role in the creation of everything that exists.  I am confident that is the case.  The only thing that someone on this quest will prove is that their searching has brought them to a place where they see more evidence that points towards the absence of a Higher Being instead of the existence of a Higher Being.  See there will always be evidence that points to the other side of the argument that they will not be able to disprove, but they have convinced themselves that there is “enough” for them to believe what they sought out to believe.  They’ve used their magnificent brainpower to gather, think through, and understand a wealth of information that has been formulated, documented, and compiled by a multitude of humans over the last two thousand years to prove that everything is here by chance… that life has no meaning… that human beings are just a hunk of atoms controlled by the nature of biology.

My heart breaks when I speak with someone who has traveled down this path and has come to this conclusion.  Many of those whom I have spoken to in this position are far smarter than myself.  Most of them could run intellectual circles around me.  But there is something that they have left out of their search.  In their effort to disprove the absence of a God they have tried not to allow any possibility of a bias when looking at the evidence so they discount anything that is “supernatural” and cannot be explained by the laws of this world.  These things may look like firsthand reports of medical miracles or personal experiences that alter someone in a way that cannot be explained by typical human behavioral sciences, but they just consider these things as anomalies in the biological code. They claim that allowing these things in their search would mean they were slanting the evidence in favor of one side of the argument so they discount that possibility in order to remain objective in their journey.  The problem is the very thing that they are trying to disprove requires the acknowledgement of the supernatural.  If they won’t allow the possibility of something that defies our human understanding then they will never be able to seek the truth with objectivity.  For the very thing that has the power to show them the truth, and understand the evidence, is the supernatural Spirit of God.

It seems that the people who spend so much energy seeking the truth of whether God exists or not are ultimately looking to discover a meaning and purpose for their own life.  Whether they are conscious of it or not.  Sadly enough, many of them have searched only to conclude that there is not enough evidence to support true meaning and purpose of human beings and therefore go on living their lives like that is the truth.  The irony of their search is that it is the perfect example of our innate DESIRE for life to have meaning and purpose.  A longing for our existence to mean something greater than just what we can see and touch.  To be a part of something greater than ourselves.  To put effort in something more than immediately gratifying our every whim only to have the satisfaction wear off.  I would argue that if this weren’t the case then they would have never began their search in the first place.

The very fact that they wanted to seek it out means that they wanted something to believe in which gave their life more meaning and purpose than just simply existing and dying.  If they were a product of chance it would be improbable that they would desire an explanation for why they do what they do and think what they think.  They would be a finite being incapable of thinking of or desiring more out of their existence than just heart beats and breaths… but yet they do.  They would have little desire to get out of bed in the morning because… their unintelligently initiated biology that began by chance and has been shaped and molded, through evolution, into something complex enough that it desires to continue on day after day despite the pain and sorrow often experienced in this world… cannot be a source of meaning and purpose.  They would have no ability to hope or experience hopelessness because they came from nothing, they will return to nothing, and everything in the middle means nothing.  Yet, they toil and strive to be happy only to find that their thirst is never fully quenched.  They would choose not to end their life because their biology has evolved in such a way, or began in such a way, that it gives them a desire to continue doing that which means NOTHING in order to achieve or find SOMETHING… Only for it to be forgotten in the generations to come.

I know that there is nothing I can ever say that will be able to fully convince anyone of the true existence of God and His beautiful story of redemption for His creation.  But I know that the power of God’s Spirit in me has the ability to point people in the direction of the truth so that in their searching they will seek to FIND Him and not seek to DISPROVE His existence.  For I am confident that if they seek Him… they will find Him… but if they seek to deny His existence then that is what their mind will convince them that they have found.  The Spirit of God is what will convince them of the truth and the promise of God is, like any good father, if we seek Him and ask for a good gift, the gift of His Sprit, then He is faithful and delighted to give it to us.

You are not a product of chance.  You have unexplainable thoughts and desires that are the evidence of an infinite purpose and meaning.  Your Creator imprinted you with His image and therefore you have planted within you a yearning to last forever and accomplish things that benefit something greater than yourself.  Why do you keep searching for more evidence to prove something that you have already proven?


Let THAT evidence point you towards your Creator.


I would love to hear your thoughts!  If you have any questions or want to tell me your story shoot me an email.



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