Meaning and Purpose

Take a moment…

Breathe in… Breathe out.  Take notice of how the air flows into your lungs and your chest expands to allow for the increasing volume of air.  As you exhale, ponder just how briefly the air molecules were in your body, yet still somehow your body was able to extract enough oxygen to be transported throughout your anatomy in order to keep every unique system functioning properly.

Do you feel that thumping?  The beating of your heart… Ponder how frequently it beats.  At your current state, it is cycling blood through your Circulatory system at a rate which will supply just enough oxygen and nutrients to your cells so that they can function appropriately in coordination with the rest of your body.  Now hold your breath for an extended period of time.  Afterwards, notice how your heart beat increases in order to pump more blood through your body to compensate for the decreased amount of oxygen in your lungs available for absorption.  Consider just how your heart knew to do that… how it knew to do that before the point where the oxygen available was too low to allow proper function for your brain or other systems in your body.

It doesn’t stop here!  Scientists dedicate their entire careers to study just one tiny piece of how something in the world functions or operates, but in the end they have only a better understanding of why or how it works.  No matter how many life times they spend studying what IS they will never be able to explain where IT all came from without acknowledging an Author to set it all in motion. There are so many things that can clearly be observed in this life that point towards some kind of forethought in regards to the world and human existence.  SOMETHING doesn’t come from NOTHING.  Energy doesn’t just generate from nothing.  It has to come from somewhere.  And when it is set in motion it flows in a direction of chaos if unguided.  It will not form itself into a more organized state unless effected upon by an outside entity.  It takes SO MUCH faith to believe that there wasn’t a Creator.  It takes SO MUCH faith to believe that there isn’t a GOD… SO MUCH faith to believe in NOTHING!

At the same time, it DOES take faith to believe in a GOD who CREATED everything we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.  It DOES take faith to believe that there is something greater out there than ourselves.  It DOES take faith, BUT that faith allows us to believe in SOMETHING.  And that SOMETHING is a Loving Father, a Beautiful Creator, and the Author and Perfector of our FAITH.  That SOMETHING is the GOD of the Bible.  His story of creation, the very nature of His character, and the beautiful story of the redemption of His creation is all summed up in the love story that is the Bible.

The main difference between these two beliefs is the fact that the first option makes the believer the one who is in control of their life and the second one requires the believer to give up all control to a greater Being.  By choosing to believe in the absence of God the believer can position themselves as the god of their existence.  They become the sole author of their meaning and purpose.  This decision seemingly gives them complete control over what they do and how their life progresses.  However, if they choose to believe in God there is an understanding that they will no longer have complete control over their situation.  The believer in this case chooses to admit that they are not the most important thing in their existence and that SOMETHING else exists that gives their life meaning and purpose.

From what I can tell, the outcomes for each look like this…

If one chooses to believe in the absence of God they gain the throne of their life and the illusion that they are in complete control of their being. But in order to do so they admit their faith in NOTHING.  So even though they are the author of their meaning and purpose they are ultimately in control of NOTHING… their life and existence will end when they breathe their last breath and is ultimately meaningless.

If one chooses to believe in the existence of a God that is the Creator of all then they must give up the idea that they know what is best for their life and thereby lose ultimate control of their life.  But in doing this they acknowledge their faith in SOMETHING bigger than themselves.  They gain freedom in knowing that since they are not the authors of their meaning and purpose they don’t have to strive for a perfect existence in this life.  Their peace rests in the fact that there is SOMETHING that created them and thus there is a plan for their life that doesn’t just end with human death, but reaches into eternity and continues to glorify their Creator.

You can’t choose both… a decision must be made!

And it can be seen by the way you live your life.


Let me know your thoughts!  I would love to hear if this stuff impacts you in anyway… whether you agree or disagree.  I am open to all of your comments or suggestions.  If I can help you understand better please ask!  Thank you for reading.

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