Simple Truth

God is LOVE.  God is GOOD.  God is JUST.

God created human beings in his Perfect Likeness.  God gave human beings FREE WILL.

Humans choose to disobey God when they were tempted by the evil of this world.

Through one Human, SIN entered the world.

ALL Humans since that day have SINNED and fall short of the Glory of God.

The perfect union between God and humans was broken because God is JUST and can not be in the presence of sin/evil.

The CONSEQUENCES for ALL Humans is eternal death and separation from everything that is GOOD.

God is LOVE and thus desires to be in union with His creation (Humans).

God is GOOD and therefore he made a way for His created beings to be purified so that they could once again be in union with their Creator.

God did this by sending His son JESUS to this world to live a Perfect life, knowing no sin, and to die as a sacrifice for the sins of ALL man kind.

JESUS did no wrong, but was crucified on a cross like a sinner would have deserved.  He died… was placed in a tomb… and 3 days later was raised to life by His Heavenly Father… defeating the power that death has over those who believe in Him.

JESUS now resides in Heaven next to His Father and He is the one who makes humans pure and righteous in the sight of God.  Humans have direct access to God, the Father, because when He looks at them He sees JESUS.

To access the FREE GIFT of forgiveness and salvation that God offers through the sacrificial blood of His son JESUS humans must:

  1. Acknowledge that they are a sinner and REPENT of their sins

  2. CONFESS that Jesus is the son of God and the Lord of their Salvation

  3. BELIEVE that Jesus died for ALL of their sins (Past/Present/Future) and that God raised Him from the dead 3 days later

Do this and you will be saved!