God on a Shelf

Do you have a “friend” that you really only ever contact or interact with when you need something from them?  Maybe it’s someone that you were close with at some point, but time and circumstances have come between you.  Or perhaps you have a “friend” that you were never really that fond of and you … More God on a Shelf

Seeking Satisfaction

Where does your mind go when determining your satisfaction?  What are the areas in your life that you focus on when deciding how satisfied you are with your day… week… month… year… LIFE? Maybe it is based on the possessions that you have acquired…  The money you’ve earned/saved…  Or maybe it is how powerful/successful/famous you … More Seeking Satisfaction

Who am I?

I’m not a preacher… I’m not a teacher… I am just 1 in 7.5 billion… Another human being born into depravity like everyone else…  Hell bent on fulfilling my own wants and desires…  Doing anything I can to feel happy… Seeking everything the world can offer to give my life meaning… Desperately grasping on to … More Who am I?