Who am I?

I’m not a preacher…

I’m not a teacher…

I am just 1 in 7.5 billion…

Another human being born into depravity like everyone else…  Hell bent on fulfilling my own wants and desires…  Doing anything I can to feel happy… Seeking everything the world can offer to give my life meaning… Desperately grasping on to whatever I can find that might help fill the void in my life that seems, though subtle at times, relentlessly unquenchable.

A SINNER at birth…

And a SINNER today…

A SINNER saved by GRACE, through FAITH!

BELIEVING… that this world and everything in it was created by an intelligent designer

BELIEVING… that that intelligent designer is the ONE true God

UNDERSTANDING… that I, like all human beings, was created by God and thus have PURPOSE

UNDERSTANDING… that I, like all human beings, am a SINNER and fall short of the Glory that God designed me to display… deserving eternal separation from Him.

HAVING FAITH… that the Life, Death, and Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST was a Loving God’s way of allowing US (His creation) to be made perfect and blameless in His sight.

HAVING FAITH… that if I, and anyone else, REPENT of my sins, CONFESS with my mouth that JESUS is my Lord and Savior, and BELIEVE that JESUS died and God raised Him from the dead… then I will be saved!

BELIEVING… that God, my Heavenly Father, is alive today and wants to engage with me on a continuous basis through the gift of His HOLY SPIRIT living in me.

UNDERSTANDING… that God doesn’t need me, but that He wants me to seek Him… He wants a personal RELATIONSHIP with His child

UNDERSTANDING… that, because He Loves me and wants me, my PURPOSE is to LOVE God and GLORIFY Him in ALL that I SAY and DO.

I am… a Child of God. I am… Blameless in His sight. I am… Loved. I am… Cared for. I am… Wanted. I am… the only ME that will ever live.  I… am… UN-REPLACEABLE!

WHO I AM gives me an undeniable desire to live a life that points to something greater than myself… a life that points towards GOD… a life lived ALL 4 ABOVE.


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