Seeking Satisfaction

Where does your mind go when determining your satisfaction?  What are the areas in your life that you focus on when deciding how satisfied you are with your day… week… month… year… LIFE?

Maybe it is based on the possessions that you have acquired…  The money you’ve earned/saved…  Or maybe it is how powerful/successful/famous you are…  Or the physical/mental/social accomplishments that you have achieved…  Or perhaps you look at your family and friends and base your satisfaction on the quality of the relationships in your life…

We all do it at some point… We look at something in our life that brings us disappointment and we think to ourselves, “well at least I have ________.”  We see another person that has something better than us or something that we want, but don’t have, and we say to ourselves, “I don’t have ________, but I have ________ that they don’t have.”  We do anything that we can to justify the current state of our lives.  We may do it internally or we may feel the need to explain to those around us the reason for our contentment.  It sometimes feels like we are “expected” to justify some level of satisfaction in order to be socially accepted as “normal”.

What I have found is that people don’t always want to here the truth about my satisfaction.  They want me to tell them that my satisfaction is based on something that I have earned, built-up, or accomplished.  It is as if my satisfaction should be based on something (or somethings) that could be taken away in the blink of an eye.  Why should the things that justify my satisfaction be based on the temporary… why should my satisfaction be based on the blessings in my life that are meant to point me towards the very One who gave me those blessings.  For I know that nothing good in my life exists without the sovereign hand of my Heavenly Father.

Thus, I have concluded that it makes no sense to seek my satisfaction in the blessings of this life, temporary as they may be,  but to base my complete satisfaction on the giver Himself, who is eternal.  To quote John Piper… “God is most GLORIFIED in us when we are most SATISFIED in Him.”

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